Why dating a SINGLE MOTHER can NEVER last

#EbrahimAseem writes about dating a single mother.

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By: Ebrahim AseemFollow @fuel4thebody

75% of my readers are men. One said, “Ebrahim, I’ve found too many single mothers want me to make her and her kids my FIRST priority while I am to be her LAST priority. I’m expected to pay for everything for her kids by another man. This is why real men should stay away from single mothers. They expect us men to put up with extra crap & still be last in line. Where is the return on our investment in the relationship?”

My response: “A woman who puts her child first over me, makes me want to make her & her child my first priority. If you’re not her husband, you don’t come before her child. #EbrahimAseem That’s why

I’d marry a woman with children. She’s not a burden. She’s a blessing. #EbrahimAseem Bro, if you don’t want to commit to a single mother…

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